Chase Helton

Software Engineer

Hi, I'm Chase. I am a software developer who is passionate about helping people, and building apps and websites is one way in which I try to exercise that passion. I also love coffee and Jesus, so if you meet me, you will likely hear me talking about one of those things.

My excitement over technology started as a young kid when I played the PlayStation 2 for the first time with my Dad. It blew me away that I could press buttons on a controller in my hands and make the character move around on the TV.

Fast forward to college, I decided to attend NC State University, but I was unsure of what subject I wanted to major in. I knew that I enjoyed math and science, so naturally, I gravitated toward computer or electrical engineering. For these majors, we were required to take an introductory programming course in Java. In the class, I remember writing my first function that printed out smiley faces in a for-loop, and it was so fun trying to figure out how to piece together code to get it working. The feeling of seeing the output reminded me of what it felt like to succeed in a video game - I was hooked.

From then on, I decided to major in computer science. Over the course of my degree, I had the opportunity to work 2 internship positions, the first one being an Android mobile app developer for NC State's IT department, the other a React web app developer for SAS. In these roles, I learned what it looks like to develop, test, and deploy production-ready applications.

Upon graduation, I was fortunate enough to attain a full-time position as software engineer at Microsoft, working on Azure Portal1. I currently serve as a frontend web developer, creating new features within the IaaS2 Storage organization.


  1. What is Azure Portal? https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/get-started/azure-portal

  2. What is IaaS? https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/solutions/azure-iaas/